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May 21, 2018

You’re busy working that 12 hour ‘life of an entrepreneur’ shift (because contrary to what they told you managing a business is hard work), barely have enough time to develop relevant content, competitor social media channels, on the other hand, are bustling with loads of content and you’re just sitting, phone in hand and wondering – where do I start?

A few years back and we were like you, the tedious task of consistently churning out relevant social media content was overwhelming, every social media (good/bad) storm took us unawares and slowly, but steadily our social media game was slipping to obscurity. Then came our saving grace and its name was a social media content calendar.

Why you should have your own social media content calendar

If the potential to take your social media journey from a string of randomized posts to an intricately articulated social media campaign isn’t reason enough for you to adopt a social media content then perhaps the following should convince you.

Here are the ones we talked about in the show.

Coschedule HubspotAsana