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Social Media Insider: Social Media Marketing | Facebook Marketing | Digital Marketing

May 19, 2018

Far from its humble beginnings, when it was just a platform to connect with friends and family, social media has now evolved into a vibrant hub with limitless possibilities – possibilities that when exploited could yield potentially disruptive results. Just ask BT, in 2015, on the backdrop of an improved social media customer service the company managed to deflect a whopping $2 million in operational costs. The benefits of social media, however, go past increased savings. As a business owner, it is a potent tool that can take your brand from ‘small-business’ to ‘international brand.’ Just how you might ask? Well, read on to find out!

Here are some of the tools we talked about.



1. Increasing your brand exposure  2. Relating better to your clients 3. Boosting your SEO and website traffic 4. Developing efficient business strategies 

5. Social media can help your business convert leads